Distinguished Service Award

2013: Winner - David Branski
2014: Winner - Peter Milla
2014: Winner - Peter Milla
2015: Winner - Olle Hernell
2015: Winner - Olle Hernell
2016: Winner - Deirdre Kelly
2017: Winner - Olivier Goulet
2018: Winner - Markku Maki
2019: Winner - Stefano Guandalini


Purpose of award

To recognize an individual who has given a major contribution to the development of paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology or nutrition. It can be recognized as a whole life accomplishment, or celebrate a major recent achievement. The field may be basic science or clinical work.

Eligibility and standards

The recipient should be an ESPGHAN member at the time of nomination. The award will be given every year. There is no obligation to alternate the award between the three sub-specialities.

Criteria for selection include:

  1. Outstanding scientific achievements related to paediatric gastroenterology and/or hepatology, and/or nutrition, usually documented by the candidate’s publication and citation record
  2. Outstanding contributions to the standards, practice and training in the fields of paediatric gastroenterology and/or hepatology and/or nutrition
  3. Outstanding contributions to ESPGHAN as a society
  4. Personal integrity.

Solicitation of nominations

A nomination can be submitted by any ESPGHAN member. A call for nominations will be advertised on the website and in the Newsletter. The deadline for submission will be December 31 of the year preceding the Annual Meeting.

The following documents should be sent to the ESPGHAN Office:

  1. Letter(s) of recommendation with support from five ESPGHAN members outside of the Council and the Selection Committee (maximum 2 pages) that identify the reasons for nomination, and the specific achievements of the nominee.
  2. A characterisation of the candidate’s achievements in another format accompanied by the nominee’s bibliography and preferably also the citation record. (However a CV is not required). 

Selection Process

The Selection Committee will consist of nine members:

  1. President (Chair of Selection Committee)
  2. Secretary
  3. Education Secretary
  4. Chairs of the three Committees of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, or deputies nominated by the respective chairs
  5. Three members, outside of the Council and the Committees, one selected by each Committee for three years.

The nominations will be reviewed by this Selection Committee. Members will not participate in the evaluation of an applicant if they work at the same institution as an applicant, or have an obvious conflict of interest. Each member of the Selection Committee is asked to score all applications and to submit the scores to the ESPGHAN Office (unless otherwise decided).  Scores will be compiled and the results be made available to all members of the Selection Committee prior to a phone conference of the Selection Committee where the strengths and weaknesses of applications considered worthy for the award will be discussed, and consensus on the selection will be sought. If consensus cannot be achieved, a majority decision will be taken. No more than one award per year will be given. The selection should be made prior to the winter Council meeting when the decision will be announced. 

Those nominations considered worthy but not selected will be retained for consideration in the successive award selection procedures during the following three years.

Award recognition:

The recipient will be honoured by the President during the Presidents Dinner at the Annual Meeting with a medal, certificate, and recognition in JPGN. Expenses will be provided to assist with attending the Annual Meeting, including accommodation, complimentary registration and economy travel costs.

Nomination form:

You can download the nomination form here.



Distinguished Service Award - previous winners

2010 - John Walker Smith

2011 - Salvatore Auricchio

2012 - Martin Burdelski

2013 - David Branski

2014 - Peter Milla

2015 - Olle Hernell

2016 - Deirdre Kelly

2017 - Olivier Goulet

2018 - Markku Maki

2019 - Stefano Guandalini