-    Position paper on gastroenterological and nutritional problems in children with neurological impairment (joint GIC and CoN)

-    Jejunal feeding tube position paper (joint GIC and CoN)

-    Drugs in focus: Use of PPI in Pediatrics



-    Guideline on functional abdominal pain disorders (joint NASPGHAN and ESPGHAN).

-     Position paper on nutrition in acute and chronic pancreatitis in CF patients

-     ESPGHAN/EAACI guideline ‘Update on cow’s milk protein allergy’

-     Fecal calprotectin in infants and children

-     Survey of digestive health across Europe: The burden of gastrointestinal diseases and the organization and delivery of gastroenterology services across Europe.




Upcoming Meetings

Paediatric GI School, Florence, Italy

26.09.2016 – 29.10.2016

ESPGHAN 2nd Paediatric IBD Masterclass, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

24.11.2016 – 26.11.2016