Helicobacter pylori Infection

Persons in charge:

Chair: Patrick Bontems

Co-Chair: Samy Candranel




28 from 19 European countries and 1 member from outside Europe

  • Bontems, Patrick (Belgium)
  • Browaldh, Lars (Sweden)
  • Cadranel, Samy (Belgium)
  • Casswall, Thomas (Sweden)
  • Chong, Sonny (UK)
  • Dolinsek Jernej (Serbia)
  • Hanssen, Richard (UK)
  • Iwanczak, Barbara (Poland)
  • Kalach_Nicolas (France)
  • Kindermann, Angelika (The Netherlands)
  • Koletzko, Sibylle (Germany)
  • Kori Michal (Israel)
  • Lopes, Ana Isabel (Portugal)
  • Martinez Gomez, Maria Jose (Spain)
  • Matjaž Homan (Slovenia)
  • Mégraud, Francis (France)
  • Meltem, Korkut Ugras (Turkey)
  • Misak, Zrinjka (Croatia)
  • Miele, Erasmo (Italy)
  • Oderda, Josetta (Italy)
  • Papadopoulou, Alexandra (Greece)
  • Pehlivanoglu, Ender (Turkey)
  • Queiroz, Dulciene Maria de (Brazil)
  • Rogalidou, Maria (Portugal)
  • Roma, Eleftheria (Greece)
  • Rowland, Marion (Ireland)
  • Schwarzer, Andrea (Germany)
  • Sykora, Josef (Czech Republic)
  • Thomas, Julian (UK)
  • Urruzzuno, Pedro (Spain)
  • Veres, Gábor (Hungary)
  • Yahav, Jacob (Israel)


The Helicobacter pylori Infection WG was founded 1997 by the members of the European Study Group on Helicobacter pylori (ESHP) Francis Mégraud (microbiologist), Colm O’Morain (adult gastroenterologist) and Samy Cadranel (paediatric gastroenterologist) as “paediatric task force on H. pylori infection”. The group meets annually for a 1,5 days meeting before the European Congress on Helicobacter pylori. In 2007 the group members voted to become officially a WG of ESPGHAN.

Projects and other activity:

Several multicenter diagnostic and treatment studies have been performed and published by the group. A registry has been established for the surveillance of antibiotic resistance and success of different treatment regimens in children with H. pylori infection living in Europe and Israel.