Paediatric Polyposis

Persons in Charge:

Warren Hyer (co-chair)

Shlomi Cohen (co-chair)

Ongoing Projects

The ESPGHAN polyposis working group have completed the task commissioned by ESPGHAN in 2016 to develop guidelines / position statement on paediatric polyposis syndrome. We attach the 3 Position statements, in a format suitable for submission to publication, as per the instructions in 2016.

Three position statements have been generated – familial adenomatous polyposis, peutz jeghers syndrome and juvenile polyposis syndrome. The core group and faculty has prepared the manuscripts as 3 separate conditions and request that they should be published separately, reflecting the clear distinction between all 3 diseases.

The format of the position statement is written so that is it easy for the practising clinician to obtain a concise and clear answer to the clinical dilemmas faced in the care of these children. Uniformity in format and appearance is apparent in all 3 manuscripts.