Special Interest Group: Endoscopy

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Mike Thomson

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October 2014

The following represent the activities and future actions identified as priorities by the WG for Endoscopy for 2014 and 2015:

a. Training centres that would like to provide opportunities for trainee ESPGHAN members to visit and train. Developing a network.

Action: MT to contact specific country representatives to identify a centre or centres willing to participate in provision of training Fellowships and/or Courses.

b. Endoscopy Summer School 2015 September 15th-19th. €25,000 UEG Educational Grant has been awarded after competitive peer-review to support this.

c. The Therapeutic Paediatric Endoscopy Meeting in Rome September 2014 was a great success. Congratulations to the Rome team led by Prof Luigi Dall’Oglio.

d. The first Indian Paediatric Hands-On Endoscopy Meeting September 2014 has just occurred supported by a number of ESPGHAN Members.

e. Annual Braga (Portugal) Paediatric Endosocpy Hands On Course has just occurred successfully. September 2014.

f. A Hands-On endoscopy day is planned for the Amsterdam ESPGHAN 2015 meeting. Details being finalised.

g. First Paediatric Endoscopy Hands-On animal model training at UEGW in Vienna in October 2015 will occur with a number of ESPGHAN Endoscopy WG Members teaching at this.

h. ESGE/ESPGHAN Joint Guidelines on Paediatric Endoscopy have begun after a meeting in Berlin in November 2013 at UEGW between ESGE representatives and MT. ESGE lead Tringali.

Action: Interim meeting has just been held in Rome. Next meeting Vienna UEGW October 2014. Final Meeting Dresden February 2015 - this will then be presented at ESPGHAN in 2015 as a symposium.

i. Progress of the ESPGHAN Endoscopy position papers:

  i.     PEG - done (Heuschkel, Amil-Dias), under auspices of GIC

  ii.    Sedation – submitted 2014 - Orel, Vandenplas, Romano, Thomson.

Most of the other position papers will be covered by the imminent Joint Guidelines ESGE-ESPGHAN. 

Other activity includes:

Training the Trainers Courses have started in Sheffield.

Monthly case: Trainees – Action has approached ‘Endoscopy’ Journal. 

Our priorities going forward include how to raise the profile of Endoscopy within ESPGHAN to the levels enjoyed by other Societies such as NASPGHAN and ASGE etc.

Next meeting of WG February 13, 2015 and Amsterdam 2015