Hepatology Interest Group (HIG)


Hepatology Interest Group


The Hepatology Interest Group (HIG) is open for all ESPGHAN members who are specially interested in the liver. The HIG meets at the annual meeting (on Wednesday late afternoon), to discuss achievements and new ideas, and promote networking. The meeting is organized by the HepCom.


Working Groups of the HIG


1.     IRCPSS:  International Registry of Congenital Porto-Systemic Shunts

Contact: Valerie Mc Lin, Switzerland, email: Valerie.McLin@hcuge.ch

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2.     GIG: Graft Injury Group

Contact: Deirdre Kelly, United Kingdom, email: deirdre.kelly@bch.nhs.uk


3.     NITE: Network of Intestinal rehabilitation and Transplantation in Europe

Contact: Jutta Koglmeier, United Kingdom, email Jutta.Koeglmeier@gosh.nhs.uk

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4.     ERN Rare Liver: European Reference Network Rare Liver

Contact: Ekkehard Sturm, Germany, email Ekkehard.Sturm@med.uni-tuebingen.de