Intestinal Failure – Associated Liver Disease Special Interest Group


The intestinal failure and transplantation group is established with representation from hepatology committee, gastroenterology committee and nutrition committee 

  • To improve outcome of children with intestinal failure and intestinal transplantation
  • To improve collaboration and develop a model of managed clinical network within Europe between European Intestinal Transplantation Centres and Intestinal Rehabilitation centres
  • sharing of expertise between experienced and less experienced centres with the ultimate aim of improving outcome of children with intestinal failure and those undergoing intestinal transplantation,
  • close collaboration of clinical expertise will translate into collaborative research between different centres

This group was established in 2009 and has been successfully running for the last 5 years


  • Girish Gupte
  • Florence Lacaille
  • Raanan Shamir
  • Sanja Kolacek
  • Lorenzo D’Antiga
  • Ekkehard  Sturm
  • John Puntis

Projects: Position paper on IFALD- published in Feb 2015 JPGN 

  1. Individual sections with literature review
  2. Co—ordination of sections from different authors, editing of the sections


A expert meeting to initiate networking of European centers and to drive the co-operation and support of the management of intestinal failure in children was held in Tubingen in February 2015. This meeting brought together experts from leading European centers to discuss new strategies in management of the condition and complications associated with intestinal failure. One of the major outcomes from the meeting was the establishment of a platform of communication between experts (TRUSTNER platform). New roles for established therapies were defined and the potential contributions of novel diagnostic tools and therapies were discussed.

Future projects:

The microbiota after intestinal transplantation :A study of the Network for Intestinal failure and Transplantation in Europe (NITE). The project aims to describe the microbiota in children on the waiting list for intestinal transplantation, and after the procedure, in order to look for specific profiles that could be used as early biomarkers of specific events (rejection, inflammation).

Minutes of the last meetings

NITE Conference Summary February 2014 Tuebingen