History comittee

ESPGHAN will be fifty years old in 2018 and its Jubilee meeting will be in Geneva.

To mark its 50th anniversary the Society will publish a supplement of JPGN on the History of ESPGHAN. This will include papers on PGHN before ESPGHAN, the Origins, Foundation and Development of ESPGHAN, ESPGHAN's Contributions to Gastroenterology, ESPGHAN’s Contributions to Hepatology, ESPGHAN's Contributions to Nutrition, and ESPGHAN’s relations with NASPGHAN.

An open meeting of the History Working Group was held on the 6th of May 2015 to which all members who are interested in contributing to this project were invited to hear more about this project, suggest contributions to the papers above, discuss new proposals and learn about the work-plan and timetable for the completion of the history supplement.. We welcome suggestions for further papers about, for instance, the history of ESPGHAN’s contribution to clinical training, national societies, specific diseases, basic science etc.

Please contact me if you would like to be involved. We invite suggestions and short written contributions (of not more than 100 words) on 'what you remember most or best' about ESPGHAN, for consideration for inclusion. Please also let me know if you have, or know of, significant documents, photographs of other written or graphic material concerning the history of ESPGHAN.

Lawrence Weaver, Chair of History Committee