International affairs

ESPGHAN has played an important role in promoting health for children in Europe for more than 45 years, and is well recognized for its continous efforts in clinical and scientific research, and educational activities throughout the world. 

The International Affairs Office has an important role in the society, and has expanded its important tasks in the last few years.

Its main task is still the organisation of Eastern and International Schools together with the local organisers. These schools have in the past proved to be one of the most valuable experiences for many participants interested in pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition throughout the Eastern Europe. Many former participants are today very active ESPGHAN members and continue to share the spirit of ESPGHAN internationally.

Comprehensive schools organised in many European countries have played an important role in harmonising the approach to children with gastroenterological problems throughout the Europe, and have helped in narrowing the existing gap between many countries.

European network of medical professionals interested in PGHN has also expanded substantially based on the activities of International representatives in the last years, and every important information is today rapidly shared within this large community of colleagues and friends.

It is the aim of the International Affairs Office to continue with these educational activities within the Europe, however it also is the aim of the office to expand its activities to regions outside Europe where there is an obvious need for such help. International schools will thus be organised in these regions in the near future.

Important task of the Office is also to actively involve the national societies in the ESPGHAN activities and to facilitate their co-operation. Many of these societies are very active, and could share their experience with the ones who are still in their early stages, and such help could facilitate their progress and thus strenghten the ESPGHAN network.

The Office also would like to promote the better communication with patient organisations who can describe their needs the best, and could be a valuable partner in many activites of ESPGHAN.

If you are interested in organising an International schools please contact