ESPGHAN Goes Africa - 2012

South Africa Diploma Course

January 2012

For the members of ESPGHAN I would like to give you the progress report on our teaching activities in South Africa.

The program contains two different activities. The first is the fellowship program for paediatric gastroenterology / hepatology. The fellowship program has been advertised and several fellows from central Africa have applied. The training should start as soon as possible.

The second part of our activities is the Diploma Course. The diploma course has also been advertised and takes place at Stellenbosch University in March 25-30th and October 7-13th. The original planned course with 3 weeks of teaching has been reduced to two weeks, because our South African colleagues felt that the participants would not be able to leave their places of work 3 times in a year. In addition parts of program will contain e-learning modules like in nutrition to save teaching time. These modules could, after the applicants had been accepted, already made known to them and completed before the first DC-week starts at Stellenbosch. This will allow us discuss results of elearning of nutrition during the first week of the DC.

As far as faculty members are concerned, council proposed the following members: J. Taminiau, M.J.Lentze, J. Amil-Dias (gastroenterology), D. Kelly, M. Burdelski, G. Mieli-Vergani (Hepatology) and O. Hernell, J. Rigo (nutrition). Depending on the schedules of the faculty members they will not be able to attend the DC every time during the two weeks courses.

The course has been advertised throughout Central and North Africa. The numbers of applicants will be known during the month of January. My colleagues have made sure that the diploma is going to be accepted by the University authorities after the final examination.

For the time being the course is going to start in March of 2012, first results will be available in April of 2012, when the first week of the DC is over.

Taking together the two parts of our teaching activities in South Africa we are in progress and will hopefully, very successful provided a good number of applicants.

Michael J. Lentze

Chairman of the Steering Committee for South Africa