ESPGHAN Goes Africa – 2015

"ESPGHAN goes Africa" fourth diploma course in Cape Town, South Africa, March 1-6, 2015 at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Cape Town University 

For the forth diploma course 30 participants were accepted from the following African countries: Botswana 1, Cameroon 3, Cote d'Ivoire 1, Ghana 3, Nigeria 9, Mozambique 4, South Africa 6, Tanzania 1, Uganda 1 and Zambia 1. Four participants are from French speaking countries (Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire), 26 from English speaking countries. Most of the participants are paediatricians. Five of the accepted participants are from the last October course of 2014. They could not attend the course, because of travel restrictions into South Africa due to the Ebola epidemic. For that reason the program of this year's course is going to be switched from October to March, which will enable them to complete the course and obtain the diploma.

During the week of the course in March, the participants apart from the lectures of the faculty will present 1-2 cases each from their own hospitals. These case presentations will stimulate the participants to intense discussions and interactions among each other and with the faculty as we have experienced in the previous years. It turned out that the case presentations by the participants are one of the key elements of the success of the course.

The program of the week of the course in March 2015 is attached.

The teaching will be provided by 5 faculty members from ESPGHAN: Anil Dhawan (UK), Corina Hartman (Israel), Michael J. Lentze (Germany), Alexandra Papadopoulos (Greece) and Jan Taminiau (Netherlands), 6 faculty members from and Red Cross Children’s Hospital and Tygerburg Hospital in Cape Town (Liz Goddard, Robert Brown, Louise Cook, Tracy Kilborn, Ronalda de Lacy, Etienne Nel) and Natalia Wagemans NNI (Switzerland), who is responsible for the E-learning modules of the participants.

At the welcome of the course on Sunday March 1 I will give a large overview on ESPGHAN and our various activities including memberships, summer schools, travel awards and annual meetings.

After completion of the first week of the course all participants have to fulfil a complete course on infant’s nutrition by E-learning through the internet. This course consists of several modules, for which an examination needs to be passed for each module in order to meet the requirements of the final diploma after the second week in October 2015. The E-Learning program for nutrition is based on the book 'Paediatric Nutrition in Practice' edited by Bert Koletzko et al.

This year they also have to learn on-line gastroenterology modules provided by UEG.

At the end of the last teaching day all participants have to go through a multiple choice test comprising of 55 questions to be answered in 60 minutes as a requirement for the official diploma of the University of Cape Town. All participants have also to fill out evaluation forms after each lecture. The results will be provided to council after the course in March.

When completing the course after the second week in October 2015, this very important and successful ESPGHAN activity will have educated about 120 colleagues from various African countries. 

A network among all participants of the last courses has already been put into action in order to keep them communicating among each other and helping them to create an African working group for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition in the near future under the guidance of ESPGHAN. 

Due to these four "ESPGHAN goes Africa" courses we could attract already some of the participants to become training members of our society. It can be expected to have more African colleagues participating in our activities and in our annual meetings.

ESPAMC Africa Flyer 2014

ESPAMC Africa Flyer 2014