Riga, Latvia, October 4th-5th 2012

The ESPGHAN Eastern Europe School was organized this year in Riga.

There were 37 participants, coming from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Kosovo.

The participants were mainly young paediatricians with special interests in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, who will certainly become the leading paediatric gastroenterologists in their regions in future.

The local organizer was Ieva Eglite, from the University Children’s Hospital Riga, who provided an excellent organization and an attractive social program. For all participants the summer school was free of charge, according to the ESPGHAN rules and regulations.

The structure of the scientific program and topics were chosen by the local opinion leaders. Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition were equally covered in the program as a mixture of evidence based lectures focused on ESPGHAN guidelines and interactive case discussions.

The lectures were given by Ulli Baumann, Hankje Escher, Ed Giles, Dino Hadzic, Jutta Koeglmeier, Sibylle Koletzko, Berthold Koletzko, Keith Lindley, Luisa Mearin and Hania Swajeska.

The participants were asked to evaluate every teacher and lecture on the 1 - 4 scale (4 being excellent) and to give assessment of the course facilities, adequate discussion time and overall course organization. We received feedback from all the participants, who rated the school with the mark excellent.

Regarding the results of the evaluation and discussions with the participants it may be concluded that the Eastern Europe School 2012 in Riga was successful in all aspects.