Sinaia, Romania May 21 -23 2014

ESPGHAN, in association with the Romanian Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ROSPGHAN) held a School in Sinaia, Romania, from 21-23 May 2014. The local, and very efficient organizers, were the ESPGHAN and ROSPGHAN members Tudor Lucian Pop and Alina Stanescu-Popp, who also took care of an attractive social program. The school venue was the New Montana Hotel, situated on the beautiful mountains of Sinaia, about 60 Km from Bucharest.

There were 45 participants from the different Romanian University Medical Centres: Cluj-Napoca (14), Bucharest (14), Targu-Mures (5), Iasi (4), Sibiu (4), Timisoara (3), Brasov (1), most of them young paediatric gastroenterologists or fellows on the sub-speciality. For all participants the school was free of charge, according to the ESPGHAN rules and regulations.

The structure of the scientific program and topics were chosen by the local opinion leaders. Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition were covered in the program as a mixture of evidence based lectures focused on ESPGHAN guidelines and interactive case discussions. There were 13 interactive, and frequently challenging, case reports presented by the participants.

The lectures were given by Lorenzo d’Antiga, Konstantinos Gerasimidis, Paul Henderson  (ESPGHAN trainee committee), Sanja Kolacek, Luisa Mearin, Valérie McLin, Rok Orel and Nikhil Thapar. 

The participants were asked to evaluate every teacher and lecture on the 1 - 4 scale (4 being excellent) and to give assessment of the course facilities, adequate discussion time and overall course organization. We received feedback from all the participants, who rated the school with the mark excellent, actually higher than 4 (4.13!). 

The school was rated as very successful by both the teachers and they enjoyed not only the academic program but the interactions as well as the friendship during the school. The ESPGHAN syllabus for training in PGHN, including endoscopy training, was extensive discussed. 

Regarding the total results it may be concluded that the Eastern Europe School 2014 in Romania was successful in all aspects.