Paediatric Nutrition:  

from bench to bedside 


Summer School  

organised by the  

ESPGHAN Committee on Nutrition 

July 1 -5, 2019 



The nutritional health of pediatric population in the world is one of the most important issues facing different countries today. There is a pressing need to develop a platform for the translational medicine from fundamental to clinical research in the field of nutrition in order to provide optimal nutritional advice and care for infants and children.   

Very few courses focus on the paediatric age-group, or on the evidence behind nutritional recommendations and practices. 


The ESPGHAN Committee on Nutrition Summer School is designed to: 

  • offer a comprehensive curriculum on paediatric nutritional research, focusing on current ‘hot topics’ 
  • serve as an introduction to evidence-based medicine in the field of nutrition 
  • provide evidence-based advice on nutrition for healthy infants and children and on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of paediatric nutritional diseases 
  • offer unique opportunities to learn from and interact with expert faculty from various European centres, as well as from participants from around the world with an interest in nutrition 
  • provide knowledge transfer in an interactive way  
  • give delegates the opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from Faculty

Who should attend the Summer School? 

The Summer School is aimed at young researchers and clinicians and other health care professionals interested in developing an academic career in paediatric nutrition: 

  • clinicians 
  • nutrition researchers 
  • clinical nutritionists and dieticians 

Summer School learning objectives  

After the Summer School, participants should:  

  • Have a complete overview of paediatric nutritional sciences  
  • Have up to date practical knowledge about appropriate nutrition for healthy infants and children and patients with nutritional disorders  
  • Be able to read critically and discuss scientific literature  
  • Be familiar with emerging trends in paediatric nutrition  
  • Understand the design of clinical trials and studies, including basic statistical approaches  



Applicants will be requested to submit 

  • a short CV
  • a motivation letter
  • a sponsor letter of an ESPGHAN Member.
  • an abstract or a difficult case report that they would like to present and discuss during the meetings

For all information and to apply, please see the event page


Please contact ESPGHAN office should you have any question regarding this course.