Clinical malnutrition

Person in charge:

From June 2018: Konstantinos Gerasimidis, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Nutrition, Human Nutrition, School of Medicine, University of Glasgow - Royal Hospital for Sick Children  


The Special Interest Group in Clinical Malnutrition is a Nutrition working group that is interested in the effect of acute and chronic illness on nutritional status and the effect of nutritional interventions. It has a particularly interested in the following thematic areas
1) Definition, screening and assessment of malnutrition
2) The effect of nutritional status on clinical outcomes
3) The effect of nutritional interventions on clinical outcomes


Project 1 - 2012: European multicenter study on Malnutrition and Screening for Malnutrition among Hospitalized Children. The study was initiated by the Working group and was led by Professor Berthold Koletzko from Munich (Dr. Von Hauner Children’s Hospital), funded by a grant from ESPEN.

Fourteen centers from 12 countries were involved, and since many collaborators were also member of the Working group, this study was the focus of the Working group during the last years.

The major goals of this project were
(1) to study the prevalence of malnutrition at hospital admission,
(2) to study the effect of malnutrition on outcome,
(3) to compare different diagnostic criteria for malnutrition and their predictive value on outcome
(4) to compare proposed paediatric screening tools.

The data of this study have all been collected and extensive analyses have taken place. It has resulted in a publication: Hecht C, Weber M, Grote V, Daskalou E, Dell'Era L, Flynn D, Gerasimidis K, Gottrand F, Hartman C, Hulst J, Joosten K, Karagiozoglou-Lampoudi T, Koetse HA, Kolaček S, Ksiazyk J, Niseteo T, Olszewska K, Pavesi P, Piwowarczyk A, Rousseaux J, Shamir R, Sullivan PB, Szajewska H, Vernon-Roberts A, Koletzko B. Disease associated malnutrition correlates with length of hospital stay in children. Clinical Nutrition. 2015;34(1):53-9.)

Other reports are on their way.

Project 2: 2014: International survey among pediatric gastroenterologists and pediatric dieticians/nutritionists on definition and measurement of undernutrition in paediatric patients.

Survey initiated by dr K. Gerasimidis (Lecturer in Clinical Nutrition, University of Glasgow Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, UK) and Jessie Hulst with involvement of various professionals joined in the working group. Results to be published.