Working group on Early Nutrition

Coordinator: Professor Bert Koletzko

The purpose of the working group is to bring together ESPGHAN members who share a common goal in Early Nutrition Research aiming at improving long-term health of children. 

The specific aims the Working Group on Early Nutrition Research will explore include:

  • research opportunities
  • enhancing collaborative research in the field and preparing a platform for joint grant applications
  • writing position papers
  • lobbying for research funding in this area, particularly through ESPGHAN and UEG at the European level. 

Position paper published by the working group:

  • Attrition In Long-Term Nutrition Research Studies: A Commentary by the ESPGHAN Early Nutrition Research Working Group.

The following position papers is currently being prepared by members of the working group: 

  • The use of incentives in childhood nutrition research (led by Prof. Natasa Fidler Mis)