Public Affairs (PAC)

The Public Affairs committee coordinates the relations between ESPGHAN and public structures, international agencies, other scientific societies and any other stakeholder, with the aim to raise awareness and to contribute to the solution of problems related to PGHN.

Function and Purpose

Raising awareness among the public and relevant organizations for issues and challenges in the area of PGHN, in particular on child health, conditions of clinical practice and research, in particular by – but not limited to:

  • Interacting with the media
  • Interacting with the European Commission and the European Parliament, and potentially with EMA and EFSA
  • Interacting with International Agencies e.g. WHO, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS
  • Interacting with patient associations and with other professional and scientific organizations

These interactions will always be discussed with and performed in agreement with the ESPGHAN Executive Council.


  • Deirdre Kelly (Chair)
  • Luisa Mearin (Secretary)
  • Gigi Veereman 
  • Raanan Shamir 
  • Riccardo Troncone 
  • Nicolette Moes (Young ESPGHAN rep.)
  • Jiri Bronsky (Nutrition Committee rep.)
  • Dominique Debray (Hepatology Committee rep.)
  • GI Committee rep. TBC
  • AHP Committee rep. TBC
  • Individuals with a particular expertise may be invited to participate on an “ad hoc” basis.

The Chair and the secretary (acts as deputy chair) are elected by the Committee members and are ratified by the Council. Members receive a three years mandate which is renewable once. At the end of the first three years only half of members should be renewed.

The PAC meets at least twice a year, one being at the annual meeting, and has at least 2 teleconferences a year. If necessary, the chair may convene additional meetings during the year. A report is released to the general secretary at least 4 weeks prior to the winter Council meetings.