Publication Committee

According to article 5f of the ESPGHAN Constitution, the Joint Publication Committee is a joint committee with NASPGHAN. It includes the Past President, the President, the Executive Treasurer and the Editor of each organisation and is co-chaired by the two Past Presidents. It meets once a year on the occasion of the JPGN strategy day.

The ESPGHAN Publication Committee consists of four members: immediate Past President (Chair), President, Treasurer, and ESPGHAN JPGN Editor. It meets at least once a year during the ESPGHAN Annual Meeting together with a representative from the Publisher, and the NASPGHAN Editor if available.

Its function is to:

  • Define JPGN editorial policy in collaboration with the NASPGHAN publication committee 
  • Define JPGN strategy in collaboration with the NASPGHAN publication committee
  • Approve the financial report from the ESPGHAN JPGN Editorial Office
  • Maintain relations with counterparts in the NASPGHAN Publication Committee
  • Maintain relations with the Publisher
  • Oversee the selection process and propose the name of the new Editor to the Council
  • Oversee the renewal of the JPGN publisher contract in collaboration with the NASPGHAN publication committee, and present its recommendation to the ESPGHAN Council for approval.