Each year the HepCom organises a monothematic meeting in January and one educational event in September (either the hepatology summerschool or pediatric liver transplant school).



-        September 25-28, 2019: Pediatric liver transplant school, Paris, France

Organisers: Dominique Debray, Henkjan Verkade, Nedim Hadzic, Lorenzo D’Antiga

-        September 23-26, 2020: Hepatology Summerschool, Graz, Austria

Organisers: Jorg Jahnel, Wendy van der Woerd                  



2018 (April 18-21): Hepatology Summerschool, Warsaw, Poland

Organiser: Piotr Czubkowski

-        2017 (September 27-30): School of Paediatric Liver Transplantion (2nd), Bergamo, Italy

Organisers: Lorenzo D’Antiga, Nedim Hadzic, Henkjan Verkade

-        2016 (April 27-30) Hepatology Summerschool, Visegrad, Hungary

Organiser: Antal Dezsofi

-        2015 (September 30-October 3): School of Paediatric Liver Transplantion (1st), Rovinj, Croatia

Organisers: Nedim Hadzic, Lorenzo D’Antiga


Monothematic Conferences


2019 (January 31-February 2): Infections of the liver at pediatric age, Florence, Italy

Organisers: Guiseppe Indolfi, Yael Mozer-Glassberg, Wendy van der Woerd

-        2020 (January): Acute Liver Failure, Athens, Greece

Organisers: Aglaia Zellos, Dominique Debray, Henkjan Verkade



2018 (February 1-3): Management of Progressive Liver Diseases, Brussels, Belgium

Organisers: Francoise Smets, Girish Gupte, Henkjan Verkade

-        2017 (January 26-28): Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis, Budapest, Hungary

Organisers: Antal Dezsofi, Dino Hadzic, Henkjan Verkade, Ronald Oude Elferink, Piotr Czubkowski, Jorg Jahnel

-        2016 (January 28-29): Cystic Fibrosis related Liver disease, Paris, France

Organiser: Dominique Debray