National Societies

ESPGHAN has established a network of 27 National Societies of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition in Europe and beyond.

The collaboration of the National Societies with ESPGHAN is vital in order to promote good clinical practice, high standards of education and high quality research within Europe. The National Societies' local knowledge, expertise and access to local communities guarantee the achievement of the above goals.

The support of ESPGHAN of the young trainees and the young researchers of the National Societies through various educational programs (exchange program, summer schools, young investigators forums etc.) as well as the support of the educational initiatives of the National Societies at a local level comprise a permanent important strategic plan of ESPGHAN.

Every year, a Forum of the National Societies’ Representatives is held during the ESPGHAN Annual Meeting. In addition, a more comprehensive ½ day meeting has been implemented in October 2018 and will take place on an annual basis, just prior to UEGW. ESPGHAN informs the National Representatives on its educational and other initiatives while the National Representatives express their ideas and proposals for further collaboration.

Information of interest for the members of the National Societies is also made available regularly to all of the National Representatives by the ESPGHAN International Affairs Representative in collaboration with the ESPGHAN office. 

The ESPGHAN syllabus for training in Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition, developed in 2013, has been updated recently (Dec. 2018), again with the input of the National Societies, aiming at harmonizing the subspecialty training within Europe. We very much expect that the National Societies will influence on the governmental bodies to achieve the above goal.

A list of all National Societies and their web sites (where available) can be found by clicking on the map above.

National Societies Meeting, Vienna 2018 - Minutes

National Societies Meeting, Vienna 2018 - Minutes