ESPGHAN has a variety of educational activities, events and information that are available thought out the year.

ESPGHAN Members may attend two courses throughout the EPP Year. Non members may attend one course per EPP Year.


The ESPGHAN Education Partner Programme (EPP) was launched in  2015.  Based on the in 2015 adopted ESPGHAN Code of Conduct, the EPP has been developed and implemented to ensure the on-going development and implementation of an up-to-date, independent, high quality educational programme for health care professionals.  The dedicated support and financial commitment from our founding partners helps to enhancing support for ESPGHAN's educational activities.

The EPP educational activities for 2019 can be viewed on our website in the Meetings and Events section. 

In addition to our established and very successful, Summer Schools and the Young Investigator Forum that address primarily colleagues in subspecialty and research training, we are delighted to also offer Master Classes that focus on a specific topic and are open to all ESPGHAN members with an active interest in the field. 


 ESPGHAN’s EPP Partners in 2019 are:

On behalf of ESPGHAN and its members, I wish to thank our EPP partners for their generous support and their commitment which is greatly appreciated indeed. 

Raanan Shamir
ESPGHAN President