Recognize biliary atresia and know its clinical features and outcome

[webcast] The Genesis of Biliary Atresia, M. Davenport

[webcast] The liver and the hepatobiliary tree: Development, anatomy and biology issues for the pediatric hepatologist, S. Nori

Know about the metabolic and toxic liver disorders

[webcast] Mitochondrial disorders, N. Hadzic

[webcast] Maple syrup urine disease, G. Mazariegos

[webcast] Rational workup of children for suspected metabolic liver disease, V. McLin

[webcast] Diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in children and adolescents: Position paper of ESPGHAN Hepatology Committee, P. Vajro, P. Socha

[webcast] Assessing Severity of IFALD, G. Gupte

[Guidelines] Intestinal Failure associated liver disease (IFALD): ESPGHAN position paper 

Know the causes of chronic liver disease

[webcast] Chronic Viral Hepatitis B, B. Fischler

[Guidelines] Management of chronic hepatitis B in childhood: ESPGHAN clinical practice guidelines


Liver Transplantation

[webcast] Role of liver biopsy in the diagnosis of late cellular rejection, de novo autoimmune hepatitis vs. rejection in liver biopsies post liver transplantation, S. Hübscher

[webcast] Increasing need for AB0 incompatible donors in paediatric OLT, K. Sharif

[webcast] Late infectious complications after OLT, U. Upton Allen, Anita Verma

[webcast] Experience with steroid free Immunosuppression, R. Reding, M. Sciveres

[webcast] Experience with de novo calcineurin-inhibitor sparing regimen, P. Mc Kiernan, F. Özgenç

[webcast] Individualised Immunosuppression in Pediatric Liver Tx: In Search for Reliable Immunological Parameters, C. Falk

[Guidelines] Liver Biopsy in Children: Position Paper of the ESPGHAN Hepatology Committee

[webcast] Cholangiopathy after OLT: When to operate, when to perform PTC? M. Colledan, S. Franchi