Charlotte Anderson Travel Award

Purpose and scope: The Travel Grant is intended to support Young Investigators who wish to travel and visit another unit either for the purposes of learning a new technique, carrying out a short project or observing a different system at work. The Grant will be presented at the ESPGHAN AM every year.
Amount: Up to €5,000 
Specifications: The grant will help cover travel and accommodation costs within host European countries. This award will not cover attendance at courses / schools / symposia or conferences

  • The applicant must be an ESPGHAN Member in good standing (any type). 
  • The applicant should be a young investigator / clinician with less than ten years in the sub-speciality  - Applicant supervisors of institute to be visited must an ESPGHAN Member in good standing
  • The project is to be carried out within Europe. 
  • The exchange project must be completed within one year after the date of approval



Complete application must be sent to ESPGHAN office and the following will apply:

  1. The application form must be completed and signed by the applicant 
  2. A letter of intent including a brief description of the planned project / visit 
  3. A current CV Deadline: December 31 of the year preceding that of the Grant (This deadline can be extended with the accord of the Council).

Application should be emailed to

Selection criteria: ESPGHAN wishes to promote the learning of any techniques / expertise not available in the “home” institution. Examples include: an exchange visit to acquire specific diagnostic / therapeutic endoscopy skills, to learn a relevant laboratory technique, to learn how to set up / provide a specific service model (e.g. impedance, manometry, national registry or biobank).
Selection Process:

  • The process is coordinated by the ESPGHAN Treasurer
  • ESPGHAN Council will review the applications independently. Applications will be considered at the Winter Council Meeting of the Society and the Grant will be awarded following this Meeting.
  • The applicant will receive notification no later than eight weeks after application deadline

Reporting and disbursement of the fund:

Within one year after having received the award, successful applicants are required to provide: 

  1. A detailed written report on the achievements made, signed by the supervisor of the visited institution
  2. A statement on the use of finances addressed to ESPGHAN Treasurer incl. all relevant receipts

Funds will only be released after the receipt of the above-mentioned report and financial statement incl. copies of the according receipts. Exceptions to this rule are at the discretion or the treasurer.

Please download the Application Form

Please download your Expense Claim Form and send to office@espghan together with all relevant receipts.



  • 2019: James Ashton
  • 2018: Andreia Nita Link
  • 2017: Caroline Hogen-Esch Veldhuis 
  • 2015: Ilan Koppen
  • 2013: Paolo Quitadamo and Tim GJ de Meij
  • 2011: Johan Van Limbergen
  • 2010: Laetitia-Marie Petit
  • 2009: Massimiliano Paganelli
  • 2008: Andrea Schwarzer
  • 2007: Holm Ulhrig
  • 2005: Ulrich Meizner
  • 2004: No award