ESPGHAN International Exchange Programme


To support the sharing of knowledge and expertise amongst ESPGHAN members by stimulating international collaboration.

Terms & Conditions

The award is made to young investigators / clinicians (with less than 10 years in the sub-specialty) who are ESPGHAN members (any type) and wish to acquire appropriate clinical or research skills not available to them in their country of origin.

Appropriate skills’ may include any techniques / expertise not available in the home institution.  Examples include: an exchange visit to acquire specific diagnostic / therapeutic endoscopy skills, to learn a relevant laboratory technique, to learn how to set up / provide a specific service model (e.g. impedance, manometry, national registry or biobank).

Awards are only made if the sponsor is a current ESPGHAN member. This award is not made for attendance at courses / schools / symposia.

Applications may be made at any time, but must be made in writing and sent to the ESPGHAN Office. A standard application form signed by the representative of the 'host' institution and the institution that will be visited must be completed and returned with a letter of intent and a current CV. The letter of intent should include a brief description of the planned project / visit and likely benefit to the applicant and / or host institution.

The award value currently stands at € 3,000 which is provided to help cover travel and accommodation costs. This is on the assumption that sponsorship and/or the home unit covers other costs.

Members of the ESPGHAN Council will review all applications. Each member will review the application independently. The applicant will receive notification no later than 6 weeks after receipt of application.

Within one month of completion of the period of study, a one-page summary of the exchange and its achievements must be returned to the ESPGHAN Office for publication on the ESPGHAN website.

Applications can be received throughout the year, up to 7 awards will be given in any one year.

Exchange Program Application Form  (PDF / WORD)


ESPGHAN Expense Claim Form

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