Information for applicants

The Travel Award is intended to support the expenses of up to €5000 (or $5000) of a Young Investigator or Trainee who wishes to travel and visit a unit in the US (for European applicants) or Europe (for US applicants) either for the purposes of learning a new technique, carry out a short project or of observing a different health system at work.  Provisional approval for the visit/project should be obtained prior to the application from the applicant’s own department and the department to be visited.

The Travel Award will not be available to attend meetings or conferences and will be awarded on alternative years to a US or European applicant.

Funding will be awarded alternately from ESPGHAN (to ESPGHAN Members only) or NASPGHAN as appropriate. ESPGHAN funded the first award in 2012 and two other ones in 2014 and 2016. The next award funded by ESPGHAN will be in 2018.

Applications may be made by any Investigator or Member, but priority will be given to a Young Investigator or Trainee member who has spent less than 10 years in training in paediatric gastroenterology,  hepatology or nutrition.


The application should include the following:

  • application form
  • letter of support from the relevant Heads of Departments
  • short CV
  • a brief description of the planned project or visit and the likely benefit to the applicant and/or their host institution or patient population (no more than one page A4)

The award winner will be required to submit a written report of their visit to both Councils within six months of the completion of their visit and present the outcome at the next Annual General Meeting of their respective Society.

Click here to download the application form or contact the NASPGHAN Head Office at or download it from the website

The applications will be considered by the host Council and both Councils notified of the results.



Funding will be awarded alternately from ESPGHAN or NASPGHAN as appropriate and will be paid directly to the successful applicant upon submission of a report and the relevant invoices for the award. Additional funding will not be provided to supplement these visits.


Selection Process

The applications will be considered by the respective councils for each of their member applicants. The council members may make the decision themselves or appoint a selection committee with relevant experience. Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible to apply for the award. Members should not participate in the evaluation of an applicant if they work at the same institution as the applicant, or have worked with the applicant at the same institution in the recent past. Members should not participate in the evaluation of an applicant if there is any conflict of interest.


Application Instructions

The applicant must send the completed application to the ESPGHAN Office by May 30 of the year that the travel award is funded by ESPGHAN. ESPGHAN will award in 2018. The application must include:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Applicant’s curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages).  
  3. Brief description of proposed project or visit and the likely benefit to the applicant and/or their host institution or patient population
  4. Details on how the money will be used to finance the visit
  5. Two letters of recommendation are requested: one from the host institution giving the necessary permission for the visit; and one from the unit to be visited which should include agreement for the visit and indicate what support will be provided to ensure the exchange will be successful. This latter letter should specify the time available for supervision, research opportunity (if relevant), space, equipment etc.  

Applications should be addressed to the ESPGHAN Office and sent by e-mail to or to NASPGHAN Head Office to


Please download your Expense Claim Form and send to office@espghan together with all relevant receipts.


Award Winners

2012 - Noam Zevit, Schneider Children's Medical Center in Israel

2013 - Alexander Gerhard Miethke, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA

2014 -Protima Amon, Blizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London, UK

2016 - Valentina Discepolo, Department of Translational Medical Sciences, Section of Pediatrics, University Federico II, Naples