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€ 50,000

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5 awards in 2020

July 31, 2020

Purpose and scope: The Research and Networking grants are intended to support research activities and networking among centres at an international level. Funding should be utilised within 2 years once approved.

  • The funding provision is for five projects maximum per year. 
  • The funding of the project will be handled through the main applicant's Institution. 
  • Selected applicants will be required to complete and sign the agreement letter as well as to provide administrative and financial details of all collaborating centres. 
  • The money will be transferred only to accounts of academic or hospital centres, not to private accounts.
  • The networking grant funds cannot be used to pay salaries for more than 10% of the total budget (EUR 5.000). However, if necessary, no more than 3 different centres participating in the project can ask for the amount of 10% of the budget for personnel. In other words, no more than 15.000 of the 50.000 can be used to pay salaries. The funding can be extended over two years but annual reports on activity are required to be made in writing to the relevant AGM of ESPGHAN by the main applicant.
  • In the event of a publication arising from the research carried out as part of this grant, ESPGHAN should be credited with the following sentence: “This work was supported by an ESPGHAN Networking Grant”. 
  • It is understood that the funds will be returned if the conditions above are not adhered to.

Amount: up to a maximum of €50,000 

  1. The main applicant should be an ESPGHAN Member.
  2. Collaboration must involve more than one country
  3. Collaboration between at least two ESPGHAN members located in different centres (Non-ESPGHAN members may form part of the proposed network, but only in collaboration with ESPGHAN members).

Selection criteria: The nature of the networking between the centres can range from interactive educational events, clinical networks, etc., and should be aimed at promoting clinical excellence and the furtherance of knowledge. We urge members to be innovative, interdisciplinary and inclusive at an international level. Proposals that are relevant to, or arise from, ESPGHAN activities, e.g. validation of guidelines, clinical networks for testing treatment regimens/disease management, etc., will be particularly welcomed.

Each project will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Collaboration involves more than one country
  • Collaboration between two or more ESPGHAN members in different centres
  • Confirmation that application for funding of this, or a similar, project has not been made to another
  • A budget is submitted by the main applicant that includes details for each collaborating centre
  • Project’s relevance to ESPGHAN 
  • Applicant´s scientific merits - Applicant´s organisational merits
  • Originality of the project
  • Feasibility of the project

Selection process: The process is coordinated by the General Secretary The proposal will be evaluated by a panel appointed by Council and a decision will be made by  October 30th each year.
  Complete application must be sent to ESPGHAN office and the following will apply:

  1. Completed and signed application form  
  2. Current CV (maximum of three pages A4) of the main applicant 
  3. A description of the networking project (up to three sides of A4) detailing the aims, methods, plan of work, and division of labour within and between the collaborating centres 
  4. An explanation of the value of the work and its relevance to ESPGHAN
  5. A summary of the project in lay terms (one paragraph)
  6. A proposed budget including a detailed description of the grant coordination and distribution amongst centres (type of costs, amounts and timeframe)
  7. A letter from the main applicant’s finance officer confirming they are willing to administer the project budget
  8. A letter from the Institution Director or similar Officer that the facilities required for the work are available in the Institution
  9. The names and contact details of two referees who the applicant feels can assess the proposal

Deadline: Application must be sent to Association Administration Office before 31 July each year. 
Reporting and disbursement of the fund:

  • The funding of the project will be handled through the main applicant's Institution, such as:  

o The money will be transferred with the following modality: 30% at the beginning, 50% at the end of the first year after providing a report on the progress of the study, and 20% at the end.

o The funding will be provided by ESPGHAN only on receipt of the respective invoices (Any transfer of funds will require a prior request with a detailed description of the budget items, including how the money will be distributed among centres).

  • The main applicant will provide a final written report to the ESPGHAN Secretary and a final budget statement to the ESPGHAN Treasurer within three months of the completion of the project. 
  • The funding can be extended over two years at the discretion of the ESPGHAN Treasurer.  

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Please see our Rules and Regulations for further details and any update about this Award.

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