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July 31, 2019

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Application Form

ESPGHAN wishes to promote research activities and networking among centres at an international level. A funding opportunity is offered to members who wish to propose such projects that must involve more than one country.

The funding provision is for three projects of up to a maximum of €50,000 each. An application must be sent to the Association Management Office before July 31st each year. The proposal will be evaluated by a panel appointed by Council and a decision will be made by October 31st each year.

The nature of the networking between the centres can range from interactive educational events, clinical networks, etc, and should be aimed at promoting clinical excellence and the furtherance of knowledge. We urge members to be innovative, interdisciplinary and inclusive at an international level. Proposals that are relevant to, or arise from, ESPGHAN activities, e.g. validation of guidelines, clinical networks for testing treatment regimes/disease management, etc, will be particularly welcomed


  • The main applicant should be an ESPGHAN Member.
  • Collaboration must involve more than one country.
  • Collaboration between two or more ESPGHAN members in different centres is encouraged and will be considered in the selection process.
  • Non-ESPGHAN members may form part of the proposed network, but only in collaboration with ESPGHAN members.
  • Collaborative activities arising from the funding should be conducted in English.
  • An application for funding of this, or a similar project must not have been made to another body.
  • A budget will be submitted by the main applicant and will include details for each collaborating centre.
  • The funding can be extended over two years but annual reports on activity are required to be made in writing to the relevant AGM of ESPGHAN by the main applicant.
  • The funding of the project will be handled through the main applicant's Institution.
  • The main applicant will provide a final written report to the ESPGHAN Secretary within one year of the completion of the project.
  • An official application form (Application Form) must be filled in and accompanied by the required documentation as listed on the application form.
  • Submission should be made by email to: 
  • It is understood that the funds will be returned if the conditions above are not adhered to.
  • Publications that arise from research carried out as part of the grant should credit ESPGHAN with the following sentence: "This work was supported by an ESPGHAN Networking Grant". 

Any queries should be addressed to the ESPGHAN Office via

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