Annual Meeting Young Investigator Awards

Purpose of Awards

To support expenses for Young Investigators (including Allied Health Professionals, Trainees and Scientists) who have had an abstract accepted for presentation at the ESPGHAN Annual Meetings. The grant will be up to €1,000, and may vary depending on the number of applicants, if the applicant has received a grant before, if the applicant comes from the conference host country, and if the applicant comes from outside Europe. The award can be used to cover registration, accommodation at the conference and/or return transport to the conference, up to the value of the award.


  1. Medically qualified applicants should be in a training position, i.e. have not qualified in paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition, nor have achieved a staff position.
  2. Medically qualified applicants should have spent less than 10 years in specialist training. Allowance will be made for breaks in training (eg military service, pregnancy).
  3. Applicants should not be well established funded researchers.
  4. All applicants should be the person presenting the original work (oral or poster presentation) and this will be checked in the programme.
  5. All applicants should be sponsored with a letter from a full member in good standing (i.e. without any outstanding dues) of the Society.
  6. All applicants should declare if they have applied for grants elsewhere.
  7. Full ESPGHAN members are not eligible for this award, but other membership categories may apply if they fulfil the other criteria.
  8. Applicants who have received three previous awards are not eligible.
  9. Applicants from regions close to the conference may receive a reduced award due to lower travel costs.
  10. The treasurer will decide on the available budget and hence the number of awards that can be provided with the approval of council.
  11. In case the number of applications exceeds the number of awards available, the treasurer may at his/her discretion either select from those applications that fulfil all criteria  on a first come first serve basis (but may give priority to applicants that are in particular need e.g. from low income countries), or may adjust funding to maximise attendance. Those who have received one or two awards previously may be given a reduced award.
  12. All applicants should submit a short CV with their application and send the complete application to the ESPGHAN Association Management Office for the attention of the Treasurer prior to the deadline for applications which will be set at least 1 month prior to the Annual Meeting.
  13. For reimbursement, the Treasurer (via Association Management Office) must receive either the original air or train ticket and original hotel bill or a copy of the same as well as a copy of the receipt of the registration fee. 

Application forms must be sent by email to

Download the application form (available from June 9, 2019)

Please do not send via post mail.

Deadline for Application:  February 2020 


Refund of Expenses for Young Investigator Award Recipients: please download the form here

Those YIA recipients who are eligible to receive a contribution towards their travel expenses can download the according expense claim form here after the Annual Meeting and need to be submitted until June 21 2019. Please make sure to include all relevant receipts and to state valid bank details so that the transfer can be conducted.