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ESPGHAN provides a professional and a scientific network to advance research and enhance the standards of care for patients and families wherever we may work. Some of the world’s most distinguished leaders in their fields are members of our society. ESPGHAN also has members who are trainees, nurses and dieticians to ensure that this growing multi-disciplinary approach improves the outcomes for children in Europe.

Become a Member

By becoming a member of ESPGHAN, you will experience and have access to a range of benefits including a European network of specialists who promote and encourage collaboration and exchange of information within Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (PGHN), working groups and their outcomes.

Membership Rates

Full Member - EUR 150.00 per annum

Trainee Member - EUR 60.00 per annum

AHP Member - EUR 60.00 per annum

Corresponding Member - EUR 150.00 per annum

Emeritus Member - EUR 70.00 per annum (only if receiving JPGN, otherwise, no charge)



Membership types and Criteria

There are five different types of membership:

These different types of membership open opportunities to everyone working within PGHN in Europe and globally. You should have an active interest in PGHN.
For more details on which membership type you should apply for and information on how to apply please click on the type of membership.

Application Process

Applications must be complete and received no later than March 31 or September 30 each year.
Applications are then reviewed and considered by the ESPGHAN Council twice a year. All candidates will be voted on by all ESPGHAN Full Members via an electronic ballot.

After the voting is finished applicants will be notified by the ESPGHAN Office on the outcome.

Membership will get active on July 1 (applications received between September 30 and March 31) or January 1 (applications received between  March 31 and September 30). For all memberships starting on July 1, the membership fee will be reduced to 50 % of the annual rate until the end of the running year. Fees need to be paid once the membership is active. Respective information will be sent out to the new members in the notification email.