ESPGHAN Masterclass on Gastrointestinal Immunology

Application Deadline: 21.08.2017

Registration Fee

Registration Fee (100.00€)

ESPGHAN Master Class On Gastrointestinal Immunology

The intestine is the biggest immunology organ in the body. Immunology related disorders, like coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and food allergy represent an important part of the burden of paediatric gastrointestinal illness. The field of gastrointestinal immunology is continuously expanding and it is important for the paediatric gastroenterologists to improve their knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms causing the diseases they are daily dealing with. The aim of this Master Class is to fill this gap of knowledge, using both classical and modern interactive educational tools.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE/Selection of participants:
Candidates will be selected based on
1) Personal statement - how the CD Master Class will facilitate the patient care delivered by the applicant and his/her interest in GI Immunology related diseases.
2) Brief CV

Target Group

Priority will be given to Paediatric Gastroenterologists, both juniors and seniors. Paediatric Gastroenterologists in training are welcome. The Event should be open to interested Immunologists, Gastroenterologists and Paediatricians.

Registration Fee
Acceptance to the Master Class will cover all accommodation costs from an Educational Grant provided to ESPGHAN. Registration includes: Attendance to scientific sessions, meeting material, attendance certificate, and accommodation for 2 nights, lunches, dinners, coffee-breaks and cultural programme.

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J. C. Escher

C. Ribes-Koninckx

M.L. Mearin


E. Arranz

G. Bouma

F. Koning

B. Jabri

E.E.S. Nieuwenhuis

E. H.H.M. Rings

L. de Ridder

J..J. Schweizer

R. Troncone


J. Samsom


We thank our EPP Partners for their support:
For more information on our Education Partner Programme please click on the logos below.

ESPGHAN Master Class on Gastrointestinal Immunology


Day 1 - November 16, 2017

16.00-17.00 Arrival and Registration

Session 1: The Gastrointestinal (GI) System: Function and Immunology

17.00-17.15 Welcome and overview

JC Escher
ML Mearin
C Ribes

17.15-17.30     Quiz (EES Nieuwenhuis)
17.30- 17.55    The GI structure and function (EHHM Rings) (20 + 5)
17.55-18.20     The GI Immune Cells and Tissues (J Samsom) (20 + 5)
18.20-18.45     Cytokines & Lymphokines (E Arranz) (20 + 5)
19.00 Dinner in Leiden

DAY 2 - November 17, 2017

Session 2:     The Basics 1
08.30-08.55      The Innate GI Immune Response (B Jabri) (20 + 5)
08.55-09.20      The Adaptative GI Immune Response (L Sollid) (20+5)
09.20-09.45      The role of the epithelium in the immune response (EES Nieuwenhuis) (20 + 5)
09.45-10.15      Coffee break

Session 3:      Basics  Brake out: to the lab.
10.15- 12.30    4 Stations (2 experts and 10 delegates each) rotation 4 laboratory rooms with demonstration of lab immunology techniques.

12.30-13.30     Lunch

Session 4:     The Basics  and The Clinic 1
13.30-13.55      Genetic aspects of GI Immunology (C Wijmenga) (20 + 5)
13.55-14.20      The Immunology of Coeliac Disease (F Koning) (20 + 5)
14.20-14.40      2 Cases Coeliac Disease (participants, moderator ML Mearin)  
14.40-15.05      The Immunology of IBD (G Bouma) (20 + 5)
15.05-15.30      2 Cases IBD  (participants, moderator H Escher) (20 + 5)
15.30-16.00     Tea break

Session 5:     The Basics  and The Clinic 2
16.00-16.25     Oral Immunization and Tolerance (R Troncone) (20 + 5)
16.25- 16.50    The Immunology of Food Allergy (Rothemberg ) (20 + 5)
16.50-17.10     2 Cases Food Allergy (participants, moderator EES Nieuwenhuis)  
17.10-18.10     3 Stations (2 experts and delegates each) with interactive presentation of cases on –  Very early onset IBD, Gastrointestinal  GvHD and Autoimmune Enteropathy (45 min per case).

19.00-20.30     Cultural Programme
20.30         Dinner

DAY 3 - November 18, 2017

Session 6:     New and Future Developments  1
08.30-08.50    Immunosuppression and immunomodulation in IBD  (Lissy de Ridder) (20 + 5)
08.50-09.15    Primary Immunodeficiencies (R. Bredius?) (20 + 5)
09.15-10.05    Microbiome and immune response (E Verdu) (20 + 5)
10.05-10.30    In Coeliac Disease (F Koning) (20 + 5)

10.30-11.00     Coffee break

Session 7:      New and Future Developments  2
11.30 -10.25     In IBD (J Samsom) (20 + 5)
10.25-10.50      In Food Allergy (Rothemberg) (20+5)
10.50-11.00      Pitch your project 1 (to be chosen among projects sent by participants)
11.00-11.10      Pitch your project 2 (to be chosen among projects sent by participants)
11.10-11.20      Pitch your project 3 (to be chosen among projects sent by participants)
11.20-11.40      Pitch your project 4 (to be chosen among projects sent by participants)
11.40-12.00      Quiz (EES Nieuwenhuis)
12.00-12.15      Summary (EHHM Rings)  
12.15                Lunch and departure

We thank our EPP Partners for their support:
For more information on our Education Partner Programme please click on the logos below.