ESPGHAN Monothematic Conference: Management of Progressive Liver Diseases

Application Deadline: 07.01.2018

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Dear colleagues
It is our great pleasure to invite you to the ESPGHAN monothematic conference on Progressive Liver Disease in the beautiful city of Brussels.
After the success of the two monothematic conference on Cystic Fibrosis related Liver Disease in Paris (January 2016), and the PFIC conference in Budapest the Hepatology Committee of ESPGHAN has decided to continue with organization of focused meetings on important hepatic diseases. Historically chronic injury to the liver results in fibrosis progressing to cirrhosis which ultimately can result in development of hepatocellular carcinoma or can be rescued by liver transplantation. In the past two decades, there has been an exponential increase in the knowledge about the pathogenetic mechanisms leading to fibrosis and recognition that fibrosis can be halted or reversed in some of the progressive liver disease (reversible liver diseases). There remain certain subgroups of liver diseases which inevitably progress to fibrosis/cirrhosis despite modern management (irreversible liver diseases).

The monothematic conference aims to provide an overview of the state-of-the-art
knowledge of the pathophysiology of the cellular and immunological mechanisms leading to fibrosis and progression to cirrhosis. The expert speakers will provide an update about the current management of ‘ reversible liver diseases’ and ‘irreversible liver diseases’ including the complications related to chronic liver diseases in children and young adults.

There will be focused discussion about the potential therapeutic targets for halting the progression of fibrosis in ‘irreversible liver disease’. The conference will also provide a platform to further research into current and potential anti-fibrotic therapies and reach our final goal of halting/reversing progression of all liver diseases.
The program will include slots for oral case presentations and attendees will be invited to submit cases for presentation and discussion. The program with speakers and the application forms for case/abstract submission will be available in September 2017. The program will run from 1PM February 1st till 1PM February 3rd, 2018.

Girish Gupte, Françoise Smets, Henkjan Verkade

Local Organisers

Early Bird Fess are applicable until December 08 2017. After this deadline the regular fees will be:

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Non Member Fee - EUR 450

General rules for abstract submission
Abstract submission opens: 1st November
Abstract submission closes: 15th December
Authors informed about outcome: 2nd January
Authors registration deadline: 9th January

Language : English
Abstract word count : maximum 400
Title length: inclusive in total word count
Tables : maximum 2
Figure maximum 1
Details of authors: presenters name to be included and underlined
Number of coauthors : no restriction
Who can present : no restriction , but any of the coauthors can present but should be registered for the conference can present . Should have a medical / allied health professional background
What can be submitted: completed work with analysis of data and conclusion would be preferable
Trial design abstract may be considered at the discretion of the abstract selection committee
Presenting author of the abstract should be registered for the meeting and full payment should be done prior to the meeting

Abstract should be completed in word document format font size 111&:&and submitted to the ESPGHAN Office at

It remains the discretion of the organising committee to decide about abstract acceptance

Programme MTC Brussels February 1st-3rd 2018

Thursday Feb 01

Lunch:             1200 to 1300
Welcome and Introduction : 1300 to 1315

Pathogenesis of Fibrosis
Pathogenetic mechanisms in liver fibrosis (M. Pinzani)       

Liver and Gut axis- it takes two to tango (Ye Htun Oo)       

Gut microbiota in liver disease- friend or foe (Amandine Everard)

Assessment of liver fibrosis                
Biomarkers for liver fibrosis (E. Fitzpatrick)          
Non-invasive tests for liver fibrosis (U. Baumann)         
Liver biopsy- pitfalls in assessment of fibrosis (R. Brown)

Key note lecture
Liver scarring- prevention is better than cure (J. Fallowfield)    

Friday Feb 02
Current concepts in management and focus on recent advances

Reversible liver disease
NAFLD and NASH –are both reversible (P. Socha)                  
Autoimmune liver disease-when is it too late for medical Rx (D. Hadzic)      
Intestinal failure associated liver disease-     changing pattern (F. Lacaille)       

Progressive liver disease

Primary sclerosing cholangitis  - future treatment strategies (G. Hirschfeld)
PFIC- is it possible to prevent disease  progression? (H. Verkade)     
Biliary Atresia - Reversing Disease (L. Hierro)

Complications of progressive liver disease

Portal hypertension- medical treatments (F. Smets)               
Hepatopulmonary syndrome and PPS- forgotten entities (D. Debray)          

Minimal Hepatic encephalopathy - what’s new (V. McLin)

Keynote lecture
Acute on chronic liver failure (TBC)                       

Summary of the day

Conference dinner for all participants

Saturday Feb 3 

Newer therapies in progressive liver disease
Drug targeting strategies in progressive liver disease (Ruchi Bansal)        

Gene therapy for liver based monogenic disease (L. D'Antiga)       
Liver derived mesenchymal cells for  fibro-inflammatory liver diseases (E. Sokal)
Current research possibilities into progressive liver disease
European Reference Network “Rare Liver” (E. Sturm)               
Research strategies and summary

Organising Committee

Girish Gupte, United Kingdom

Francoise Smets, Belgium

Henkjan Verkade, Netherlands

Massimo Pinzani, Italy
Emer Fitzpatrick, United Kingdom
Ulli Baumann, Germany
Rachel Brown, United Kingdom
Jonathan Fallowfield, United Kingdom
Piotr Socha, Poland
Dino Hadzic, United Kingdom
Florence Lacaille, France
Gideon Hirschfeld, United Kingdom
Loreto Hierro, Spain
Dominique Debray, France
Valerie McLin, Switzerland
Lorenzo D´Antiga
Etienne Sokal
Ekkehard Sturm
Ye Htun Ok; United Kingdom
Amandine Everard, Belgium
Ruchi Bansal, Netherlands