ESPGHAN Monothematic Conference on Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases (EGID)

Application Deadline: 10.03.2019

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General (100.00€)

General Information

The incidence of eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases (EGIDs), especially of eosinophilic esophagitis, is increasing all over the world.

Simultaneously, we are facing a growing interest in them in both scientific and health professional communities resulting in numerous new discoveries each year, importantly changing our understanding of the pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying these diseases as well as practical diagnostic and therapeutic approach to the patients. There are few fields inside pediatric gastroenterology evolving so quickly. We believe that monothematic conference covering the fundamental mechanisms for the development of EGIDs, epidemiology data and up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic issues will attract both young as well as experienced colleagues with substantial expertise.

The following will be covered by ESPGHAN:

- up to 2 nights in a pre-arranged hotel (organized by ESPGHAN)

- pre-arranged dinner on April 11 (organized by ESPGHAN)

- catering throughout the course

- course material

Kindly note that ESPGHAN cannot cover travel expenses for the course.


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Preliminary Progamme

Thursday, April 11, 2019

09.15-09.30 Welcome. Rok Orel

09:30-10.00 Esentials of Intestinal Immune System: development and regulation, protection and tolerance (A. Ihan)

10.00-10.20 Definition and Classification of EGIDs (J. Amil Dias)

10.20-10.40 Alergic proctocolitis and food protein allergy of infancy (Y. Vandenplas)

10.40-11.00 Differences and Similarities between Eosinophilic Colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (G. Veres)

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12:00 EoE: Inflammation and Remodeling; clinical picture in children versus adults; changes in esophageal compliance and motility (J. Amil Dias)

12.00-12:20 Epidemiology and Etiology of EoE: what is known? (M. Homan)

12:20-12:50 Diagnostic Approach in EoE and Its Pitfalls (C. Romano)

12.50-13:10 Histology in EoE: beyount counting the eosinophils (N. Zidar)

13.10-13:40 Should we treat asymptomatic child with eosinophilic inflammation? Pro et Contra – discussion led by Rok Orel

14.20-15.00 Lunch

15.00           Tour to Lake Bled with a visit of the island by pletna boats

19.00-21.30 Dinner at Lectar restaurant in Radovljica

Friday, April 12, 2019

09.00-09.15 Introduction in Therapy of EGIDs: thinking about efficacy but also of longterm safety and quality of life (R. Orel)

09.15-09.35 EoE and PPIs: Friends and Foes (R. Orel)

09.30-09.50 Treatment of EoE by Food Elimination: step-up or top-down approach? (A. Papadopoulou)

09.50-10.10 Practical Planning of Dietary Treatment: View of Nutritionist (S. Macdonald)

10.10-10.30 Corticosteroids for EoE: efficacy and safety (S. Oliva)

10.30-10.50 Treatment of Esophageal Stenosis: when drugs, when dilation and when both? (M. Homan)

10.50-11.20 Coffee break

11.20-11.50 Importance of Follow-up in EoE Patients: Role of Invasive and Non-invasive Markers (N. Zevit)

11.50-12.10 Treatment of EGIDs Beyond Diets and Corticosteroids: What are the Options? (N. Zevit)

12.10-12:30 Natural Hystory, Maintenance Treatment and Long-Term Prognosis of EGIDs (C. Gutierrez Junquera)

12:30-12:50 Quality of Life in EGIDs: How to access (M. Auth)

12:50-13.20 Final conclusions (A. Papadopoulou)

13:30-14:30 Lunch