ESPGHAN Mentorship Training

Application Deadline: 30.01.2019

Registration Fee

Mentee (100.00€)

General Information

There is the wish of senior ESPGHAN members to support younger members in the society.

To realize this, ESPGHAN has set up a professional support program.

The two aims of this program are:

1) To create a platform of interaction between junior and senior ESPGHAN members:

• To offer a warm welcome for junior members to ESPGHAN

• To build a professional network of young and senior members within the society

• To shape a solid future for the society

2) To provide a mentorship program for Young ESPGHAN members:

• To give insight in the functioning of the society and possibilities within ESPGHAN

• To help young members develop their career path


In order to facillitate the above, participants of the programme - mentors and mentees alike - will tka epart in a 1,5 day workshop.

The workshop aims to provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to examine the theories that underpin approaches to learning, facilitation, assessment and support in work-based settings. This will enable them to apply their skills in practice and ultimately therefore effectively fulfil their role as mentors in professional practice considering their responsibility and accountability for teaching and learning.

By the end of the workshop, delegates should be able to demonstrate appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to: -

1. Differentiate between mentoring, coaching and training in healthcare

2. Establish why mentoring is important to the Trust, mentor and mentee

3. Understand the values and principles underpinning mentoring

4. Determine the required skills, roles and qualities both organisational and

    interpersonal needed for effective mentoring

5. Critically discuss factors influencing the establishment of a mentoring relationship

6. Determine the four stages of the mentoring cycle

7. Understand the learning cycle

8. Manage potential problem areas

The workshop is a mixture of theory and practice. 

Accommodation and Venue

The training will take place in a hotel in the city of Porto. ESPGHAN will cover the following for mentees: 

- 1 night accommodation in a pre-arranged hotel

- travel refund up to EUR 250,00

- pre-arranged dinners and socials 

- catering throughout the course 

- congress material 

The registration fee needs to be paid upon receipt of the respective invoice.


Applicants need to submit a current CV and motiviation letter detailing why they would like to take part in the programme as a mentee. The number of mentees is limited.  

Please use the online application form on this page. 

Applications by email cannot be accepted. If you experience any issues with the online application tool, please contact

Preliminary Programme

Day 01- March 22, 2019

1300-1330 Delegates arrive for registration and lunch

1330-1400 Welcome and introduction with ice breaker session

1400-1530 Session 1 mentor/mentee sessions begin in separate rooms

1530-1545 Coffee Break

1545-1715 Session 2 mentor/mentee

1715-1900 Session 2 finishes

1900 Networking program including dinner and opportunities for mentor/mentees to mix

Day 01- March 23, 2019

0900-0915 Meeting for mentors and mentees to submit requests for pairings

0915-1115 Session 3

1115-1130 Coffee Break - with announcement of mentor/mentee pairings

1130-1230 Session 4- opportunity for mentors/mentees to work together to prepare mentoring agreement

1230-1330 Session 5- concluding session with opportunity to provide feedback

1330 Lunch and delegates free to leave


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