ESPGHAN Young Investigator Forum

General Information

The ESPGHAN young investigators forum (YIF) has been an integral part of the society for the last 24 years.  The meeting was established to nurture academic development in the society and foster collaborations amongst the emerging generations of academics and clinicians. Over the years YIF has seen so many of the delegates come through to become established academics and clinicians as well as develop friendships and successful collaborations across Europe.  


The Aims of the YIF are to:   

• to provide young investigators with a friendly and constructive atmosphere in order to present their research and learn from each other.   

• to meet and network with senior faculty members and to set up research collaboration in Europe.  

• to enable young investigators to contribute to the scientific development of ESPGHAN  


Definition of Young Investigator: Active clinical or laboratory based researcher, ideally less than 10 years working in paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition.  Delegates may not attend more than one forum.   


Delegates : the forum is aimed at young investigators who are developing their research career and are committed to working in paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and/or nutrition in Europe. It is not aimed at experienced researchers who are already principal investigators with grant funding, or at workers who are intent on a career outside of Europe.   


Abstract : the abstract should be divided into Background/Aims, Methods, Results, Summary/Conclusions. It is important that the abstract includes data from your research activity and doesn’t describe plans for the future without any actual data. Single case reports are less likely to be successful unless they have an important message of wide relevance.   


Letter of Support : the ESPGHAN member who is supporting you should give some information about your current situation and your state of training.  


CV : this should be relatively brief but include basic information and any items that are relevant to your gastroenterology/hepatology/nutrition experience and training, plus any presentations to national and international meetings and any publications (including abstracts).  


Family and guests : faculty and delegates are discouraged from bringing family members as this reduces the interaction between the delegates.  


Travel expenses and accommodation : travel expenses and accommodation will be provided by an unrestricted educational grant from the educational partner programme of ESPGHAN This will cover economy travel within Europe.

Please note that YIF participants are expected attend the whole meeting, incuding socials.

Coming soon


  • Florence Lacaille (France)
  • Iva Hojsak (Croatia)
  • Jernej Dolinsek (Slovenia)
  • Amit Assa (Israel)