Liver Transplant School

September 21 - 24, 2022

General Information

The 4th Paediatric Liver Transplantation School is organized by the ESPGHAN Paediatric Hepatology Committee and is designed to provide cutting-edge information on this critical aspect of modern hepatology.
The Faculty members will provide interactive sessions on the selection process, operations, complications and the long-term care of these patients, and feedback on the delegates’ cases. The School will represent an initial step in the formal educational module for young hepatologists towards ESPGHAN Diploma in Paediatric Liver Transplantation (EDiPaeLT).
This meeting should not only attract younger gastroenterologists and hepatologists who have an ambition to develop transplantation programs locally, but also more senior established clinicians who would like to get a state-of-the-art update in an informal setting.
The previous 3 editions of the Transplant School have been very successful and highly rated by the participants, what is the reason to organize a new edition in 2022.

This school is supported by the ESPGHAN Education Partner Programme.

COVID-19 Information

This school is planned for onsite participation only. We will be carefully monitoring the situation in The Netherlands and Europe as well as national COVID-19 regulations. ESPGHAN reserves the right to postpone/cancel the course or change its current format if deemed necessary to protect the health of our delegates, faculty and staff.

For more information please contact the ESPGHAN Office.

Application & Fees

Application Deadline: Application closed on July 15 
Course fees: 

Trainees (members and non-members): EUR 250
Members: EUR 350
Non-Members: EUR 500

Kindly use the online application form on this page. Applications submitted by email cannot be accepted. If you experience any issues with the tool, please contact us at office@espghan
Candidates will be selected based on their CV, motivation letter. Applicants are invited to submit an abstract during application that may be selected for presentation during the course. Abstracts may have been submitted to other public meetings previously. Trainees who are not members of ESPGHAN need to submit a proof of their trainee status to together with their application to benefit from the reduced fee.

The number of participants is limited and a selection will be made by the school organisers after the deadline. Priority will be given to ESPGHAN Members and abstract submitters. Please do not make travel arrangements before receipt of a formal confirmation of acceptance from the ESPGHAN Office.

Preliminary Programme

Day 01 - September 21

13:00-14:45        Registration and Faculty/Invited members’ accreditation (at meeting venue)

15:00-15:05       Opening session: Giuseppe Indolfi – HepCom Chair;  Henkjan Verkade - local organizer

Session 1: -Indications for pediatric liver transplantation (PLT)

15:05-15:30       Epidemiology of pediatric liver transplantations: numbers, ages, indications. (E. Fitzpatrick)

15:30-16:00       Indications for pediatric liver transplantations in patients with compensated cirrhosis (D. Debray)

16:00-16:30       Difficult decisions regarding indication for liver transplantation (D. Hadzic)

16:30-17:00        The Friday morning Transplant Meeting: proposing a patient for transplantation: perspectives of the pediatric hepatologist, the transplant surgeon, and the transplant anesthesiologist

17:00-17:30       Group assignment: develop a cutting-edge project proposal to prevent/delay pLTx or to improve the prognosis after pLTx

17.30-18:00        Interactive discussion: what is needed for a transplant program?  (H. Verkade)

Day 02 - September 22

Session 2- Transplant surgery: the techniques and critical elements.

8:30-09:15           Liver transplantation (R. de Kleine)

  • Living adult donors                                                 
  • Pediatric recipients: living, split, full size        

9:15-9:45            Early post-transplant complications and pediatric re-transplantation (V. de Meijer)

9:45-10:15          Interactive cases

10:15-10:45         Coffee break

Session 3- Late(r) post-transplant complications

10:45-11:30       Principles of immunesuopressive therapoy and Immune-related complications: over- and under-immunosuppression (D. Debray)

11:30-12:00         Hepatic vascular and biliary complications: is the approach better with interventional radiology or surgery? (H. van der Doef / R. Bokkers)

12:00-12:30         Interactive cases

12:30-13:00         Group assignment

13:00-14:00         Lunch

14:00-14:30         Graft fibrosis after pLTx  (R. Scheenstra)

14:30-15:00        Post-transplant recurrence of disease (BSEP2 def / PSC / AIH) (N. Junge)

15:00-16:00        Group assignment

16:00-16:30       Coffee Break

16:30-17:15        State of the art lecture: Preservation and quality improvement of donor organs (R. Porte)

17:15-18:15        Personal “lessons learned” in transplant medicine: (D. Hadzic / N. Junge)

  • effects on private life / family members
  • tips and tricks
  • doable in 40-50 h/week?
  • highs and lows

19.00     Dinner

Day 03 - September 23

Session 4 : pLT – perspectives outside the liver  

08:30-09:30         Interactive cases

09:30-10.00       Pathology: pre and posttransplantation (M. van den Heuvel)

10:00-10.30       What to monitor after PLT apart from the liver itself? (if complications frequently occur in adulthood)? (E. Nicastro)

10.30-11.00        Coffee break

11:00-11:30        What to tell parents on perspectives after pLTx: Neurodevelopment, quality of life, professional career, parenthood (M. Samyn)

11:30-12h30        Finalization of the group assignment + presentation (deadline submission 12.30)

12:30-13:00         Shared care on a distance + transition to adult care: do’s and don’ts (M. Samyn)

15.00  networking event.

Day 04 - September 24

Session 5: pLT and alternatives - did the future already start

08.30-9.00           Repairing the liver without transplanting the organ (cells, transgenes, RNA-inhibition, drugs)  (E. Gonzales)

09.00-9.30           PLT without long-term immunosuppression? Operational tolerance. (E. Fitzpatrick)

09.30-10.15        What can be done in your center, starting Monday 26th September? Group discussion (H. Verkade)

10:15-10.45         coffee break

10.45-11.15         Infectious complications, including Covid-19 (E. Nicastro)

11.15-12:30        Presentation of 3 selected project proposals

12.30                     Conclusion with award ceremony to winner group.

12.45                     Buffet / Take out Lunch

Cost Coverage

ESPGHAN will arrange and cover the following for registered delegates: 

  • Accommodation up to 3 nights (organised by ESPGHAN)
  • Pre-arranged dinners and social programme  
  • Catering throughout the course   
  • Course Material 


If you have any questions, please contact the ESPGHAN Office for details.
Phone: +41 (0)22 9000 401