We have launched our official Podcast!
Get biweekly news of PGHN and get to know the individuals behind our papers.

Our podcast will dive into latest research, solutions for addressing practice management issues, and much more.

Tune in every other week for engaging interviews and commentary with leading PGHN professionals empowering listeners to excel in their specialty. 

With this 30-minute podcast we want to give ESPGHAN and our published work a soul. Our guests are contributing from every part of the community, from across Europe and beyond. The speakers’ favorite songs at the end of each episode further aim at building bridges between ESPGHAN members and external listeners.  The podcast is brought to you by the ESPGHAN Education Committee.

Current Episodes:
JPGN Journal Club February 2023:
Andreas Jenke
Research Investigation of Biotics: Hania Szajewska
Portosystemic Vascular Shunts: Valerie McLin
JPGN Journal Club January 2023: Andreas Jenke
ESPGHAN in Kazakhstan: Olzhas Abdrakhmanov
Young ESPGHAN: Andreia Nita
Helicobactor Pylori Infection: Patrick Bontems
Nutrition for Prematurely Born Babies: Miguel Saenz de Pipaon
Blended Diet: Jutta Köglmeier
Liver Regeneration: Ulrich Baumann
Fatty Liver Disease: Jake Mann
Inflammatroy Bowel Diease: Marco Gasparetto
Biliary Disease after Liver Transplantaiton: Lorenzo D'Antiga
Small Bowel Disease: Susan Hill
Gastrointestinal Dystonia: Andrew Barclay
Abnormal Stooling: Marc Benninga
ESPGHAN Annual Meeting Highlights: Elena Cernat
Acute Liver Failure: Aglaia Zellos
Button Batteries: Lissy de Ridder
New Hepatitis in Children: Marianne Samyn
Necrotising Enteroclitis: Jake Mann
Parenteral Alimentation: Nadja Haiden
Hepatitis B and C: Giuseppe Indolfi
Early onset IBD: Frank Ruemmele
Introducing ESPGHAN: Sanja Kolacek

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