After the experience with the Covid-19 pandemic there is an increased demand for virtual meetings and education formats. ESPGHAN has thus launched an easy-to-access format for our members who wish to continue making knowledge globally accessible despite the current limitations with face-to-face meetings.

Definition, Scope and Purpose

Short and easy to organise presentation by one speaker on a specific topic and a duration of approximately one hour (30’ presentation + 30’ Discussion).

Who can apply?

Any member willing to organise a webinar should submit a formal application, the template of which can be found in the Library of  MyESPGHAN. Each application will be evaluated by dedicated members of the Education Committee and will require final approval from the Education Secretary. The application should include information on: Topic, Speaker, Date, and a short justification as to why the specific topic is considered of value to ESPGHAN.

How to apply?

Application Deadlines:
- 6 weeks before the planned date of the webinar if no CME Accreditation is required
- 16 weeks before the planned date of the webinar if CME Accreditation is required

Applications need to be submitted to office@espghan.org or katharina.ikrath@espghan.org before the above stated deadlines. Please download the application form here.

After submission to the ESPGHAN Office, applications will be reviewed by the Education Committee within five working days. The ESPGHAN Office will inform you on the outcome and  the webinar will be announced on the website and in the Monthly Newsletter. 

The webinar was approved - what's next?

The webinar will be hosted on the GoToMeeting Platform. The speaker is responsible for ensuring a stable and high-speed internet connection on their side. Pre-Recorded presentations can be considered. The following will be provided by ESPGHAN:

- Project Manager (Office)
- Platform to host the webinar
- Handling of platform throughout the webinar by project manager
- Managing of registrations by project manager
- Managing of CME Accreditation by project manager (if applicable)
- ESPGHAN Logo for inclusion on presentation slides (mandatory)
- Evaluation (if applicable)
- Certificates of Attendance 

What else?

For more details please read the dedicated SOPs for Webinars that can be downloaded here.
If you have any questions concerning the application or the webinars in general, please contact us at office@espghan.org or katharina.ikrath@espghan.org