AHP Award

Purpose and scope

Purpose and scope: The AHP Award aims to support an experienced ESPGHAN Allied Health Professional Member in good standing.

The overall purpose of the award is to strengthen the quality of care given by AHP professionals to paediatric patients, to gain and share knowledge as well as support research and collaboration within the ESPGHAN areas by the activities of AHP professionals.

The award may be used for several activities, such as

  • to visit another unit within Europe for the purpose of observation of a practice not available in the award recipient’s institution, with the aim of implementing the practice in their home institution.
  • to participate in a project/audit to improve patient quality of care in collaboration with another European unit.
  • observe an extended role of an AHP professional, such as an endoscopy nurse, dietitian-led nutritional care, specialized clinics including AHP professionals, multi-disciplinary team practice, neonatal nursing/dietetic practice, research nursing/dietetic roles, Speech and Language advanced techniques (VFS, FIES) and similar.
  • support research activities in AHP professionals,
  • implement new methods of care given by AHP professionals,

Specifications: The award will cover costs related to the activity, including travel and accommodation costs. It will not cover attendance at ESPGHAN courses/conferences/schools. Each awardee will be report back at the ESPGHAN AHP course once the project/audit/visit is completed. There will be one application per year.

Amount: Up to EUR 5.000,00


  • The applicant must be AHP ESPGHAN member in good standing.
  • The applicant must be currently working in clinical/ research paediatrics Gastroenterology or Hepatology and Nutrition with a minimum 3 years’ experience in the respective field.
  • If the activity includes travel to another institution, the host at the institution to be visited must be and ESPGHAN member (any type) in good standing and be within Europe.
  • The visit should be completed within a year after the date of approval.

Application and selection process

Complete application must be sent to ESPGHAN Office and the following will be requested:

- A completed online application form
- A letter of intent including:
      1. Aim of the activity
      2. Objectives
      3. Interest for the applicant
      4. Motivation for how the proposed activity will change or improve practice and quality of care in the applicant's home institute
- A budget of the activity costs
- An up to date CV
- A letter of support from the home supervisor/manager
- if applicable, a letter of support from visiting institute host (ESPGHAN members)

Application Deadline: May 31st

Selection criteria: complete applications will be reviewed and scored by the AHP committee against the following criteria:
1. Innovation and originality of the proposed activity
2. Relevance of proposed activity to applicant’s current role 
3. Benefit of the proposed activity to ESPGHAN 
4. Likelihood of the proposed activity resulting in a change in practice in home institute
5. Previous ESPGHAN awards
Selection Process:  Applicants’ eligibility and application documents will be checked by the ESPGHAN Office. All complete applications will be reviewed and scored by the AHP committee against the above listed criteria. The applicant with the highest score will be selected by the AHP Committee and then approved by the ESPGHAN Treasurer and Council.
All applicants will be notified by the ESPGHAN Office within 8 weeks after the application deadline.

Reporting and disbursement of the fund

The award will be disbursed 3 months after the activity completion and according to the following modalities:
1. Up to 50% at the start of the activity, upon reception of signed expense claim forms, related receipts and progress report by the ESPGHAN Office
2. Remaining amount at the end of the activity, upon reception of signed expense claim forms, related receipts and progress report by the ESPGHAN Office

A final progress report will be provided by the Awardee within 3 months after the visit/audit/project completion and will be uploaded on the ESPGHAN website. 


For any enquiry regarding this award, please contact the ESPGHAN Office office@espghan.org