TelePorto PIBD

Physician to physician telemedicine service for pediatric IBD for countries with limited resources (“TelePortoPIBD”)


The aim of the TelePortoPIBD project is to provide peer to peer remote consultations regarding difficult PIBD cases to physicians from low resource countries.


Gastroenterologists from countries with limited resources (see appendix), treating children with IBD are invited to share their challenges in the diagnosis and management of their patients with one of the Porto group experts.
Most of the 36 Porto group experts volunteered to provide remote consultation for physicians from low resource countries who seek advice on specific challenging cases. A request for a consultation should be sent to the following email address:, including physician's full name, affiliation and email address.

One of the initiative coordinators will direct the request to an available Porto Group member, who will contact the requesting physician directly by email.

Porto Group consult service coordinators:
Marina Aloi, Italy
Amit Assa, Israel

Appendix: List of countries with limited resources (according to the 2017 human development index <0.86)
Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia, Russian Federation, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, Albania, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Armenia, Ukraine

Disclaimer: ESPGHAN will not be responsible for the content of consultations. This will be given at the discretion of the individual physician.