Education Committee

General Information

The Education Committee is a new committee in ESPGHAN that was established in autumn of 2020. The overall aim of the committee is to support ESPGHAN’s aims with regards to education. This includes but is not limited to the support of the Syllabus update, assembling the educational events and web-based learning.

Function and Purpose:
The aim of committee is to advise, organize and facilitate the work on the educational activities within ESPGHAN coordinated by the education secretary including:

a) Overview and pre-selection of educational activities upon their application
b) Syllabus renewal/updates
c) ESPGHAN education document maintenance and update
d) Coordination and creation web-based learning including microsite and ESPGHAN passport
e) Evaluation of educational activities
f) Coordination of ESPGHAN training completion certificate
g) Coordination of educational activities with other societies (eg. UEG)
f) Other educational activities proposed by EduCom or Council and approved by Council