Research Committee

General Information

The Research Committee is a new committee in ESPGHAN that was established in autumn of 2020. The overall aim of the committee is to support ESPGHAN’s aims with regards to research and science. This includes but is not limited to the administration of research grants, awards, and other funding streams.

Function and Purpose:
The aim of the committee is to advise and support ESPGHAN with the distribution of funding streams in respect to research. Specific tasks include, but are not limited to the following

a) Administration of ESPGHAN grants (i.e. research grants, networking grants, fellowships) including the organisation of a fair, objective, and transparent peer review process.
b) Oversee funding streams and propose adjustments according to need, uptake and overall ESPGHAN strategy
c) Ensure adequate accountability of ESPGHAN grant holders, such as provision of progress reports d) Support representation and publication of research activities during annual meetings as well as to the wider public
e) Where appropriate liaise with other societies and/or funding bodies to improve and support ESPGHAN’s strategy on research and science