Open ESPGHAN Positions

We are currently seeking applicants for the following Committee and Council positions, available in 2022

Open Council Position 2022

Open positions - Council 2022 and Committees

We are currently seeking applications for the following Council Position:

ESPGHAN Treasurer - The role of ESPGHAN Treasurer is now open for application for 2022. 

The deadline for applications will be 07.01.2022. More information on the criteria, roles and responsibilities can be found in the drop-down menu below. 

BioMed Alliance Representative - One position is available to be the main representative for ESPGHAN to the BioMed Alliance, of which ESPGHAN is a member society. The term of office is for three years with an option to extend. All details can be found by clicking here. Deadline for submission is 17.09.2021

Applications can be submitted to the ESPGHAN Office (

Please feel free to contact the Office if any further information is required. 

ESPGHAN Treasurer - roles, responsibilities, criteria for applicants


Applicants must have previously served on Council and will require a letter of intent, with motivation, previous roles within ESPGHAN and vision for the future of the role.

Each applicant will need to collate 5 letters of support from ESPGHAN Members, who are not serving on Council at the time of application.

Roles and Responsibilities

 - The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Society including the collection of membership subscription fees.
 - The treasurer ensures that the budget is respected and keeps a regular accountancy of all operations carried out.
 - Submits a detailed budget to the Council for the upcoming year Council at the Autumn Meeting, annual accounts of the preceding year Council at the Winter Meeting and year-to-date reports of the ongoing year at the Summer Meeting.
 - Reports at the AGM and requests approval for the budget and annual accounts.
 - The treasurer checks and carries out the financial analysis of all requests from committees and other ESPGHAN related groups.
 - The treasurer carries out any payment and receives any sum due to the Society.
 - The treasurer chairs the Finance & Investment Committee.
 - The treasurer holds a position on the Publication Committee.
 - The treasurer holds a position in the Management Committee for the Annaul Meeting.