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ESPGHAN provides a professional and a scientific network to advance research and enhance the standards of care for patients and families wherever we may work.
Some of the world’s most distinguished leaders in their fields are members of our society. ESPGHAN also has members who are trainees, nurses and dieticians to ensure that this growing multi-disciplinary approach improves the outcomes for children in Europe.

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  • A European network of Paediatric Gastroenterologists, hepatologists and nutritionists; allied health professionals and trainees who promote and encourage scientific exchange
  • Access to the Committees and Working Groups and their outcomes
  • Journal of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition - Online and Print Copies
  • Reduced rates to attend the ESPGHAN Annual Meeting
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  • The Society consists of full, corresponding, trainee, allied-health professional and emeritus members. Members must have an active interest in paediatric gastroenterology and/or hepatology or nutrition (PGHN).
  • Proposals for all categories of membership should be made in writing to the General Secretary by March 31 or September 30, supported in writing by a full or emeritus member in good standing, who is not serving at that time on the Council. Each proposal shall be accompanied by the curriculum vitae and list of publications of the candidate, and a meaningful documentation of the clinical and/or research work in PGHN.
  • Allied Health Professional (AHP) Members shall be members of medically related professions allied to PGHN. AHP members can convert to full membership by fulfilling the requirements as defined in the full membership section.
  • The Council will have the duty to consider all applications, and to give the AGM details of those candidates whom they recommend for membership. The AGM has final and supreme decision over the admission of a member, without having to justify any refusal. The numbers of members shall be limited as decided by the AGM.
  • If a member's annual subscription lapses for three consecutive years, the question of continuation of membership will be decided by the Council.
  • A member whose conduct is prejudicial to the welfare, purpose or reputation of the Society can be excluded from the Society without explanation by decision of the AGM upon proposal by the Council.

Membership rate:

60,00 € per year