Call for Participants in the ESPGHAN-ECCO Guidelines: Update on Paediatric CD Treatment (2024-2025)

Aim of the project:

The last guidelines on the management of paediatric Crohn`s Disease were published in 2020, so it is time to update these guidelines and provide important resources for clinicians and researchers.
The aim of this Consensus is to update the standards for the management of Paediatric
CD including Surgical treatment of Paediatric CD. All treatment aspects will be
considered; induction as well as maintenance therapy, nutritional treatment approaches
as well as the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppressors, or biologics.

Although this is a joint effort of ESPGHAN and ECCO, we are looking for applications from ESPGHAN members only. For more information please contact

Application Deadline: Friday, May 24 23:59 CEST
Submission to: /
Application documents: motivation letter and CV (incl. list of publications of past 5 years)
Eligibility: ESPGHAN Members (all types) in good standing